Volsap Foundation

The Volsap Foundation was founded in 2002 by artistic directors Anne La Berge and David Dramm. The foundation’s goal is to bring like-minded artists from various fields together in projects by providing production support including workspace, technical facilities and performance opportunities. Through the groundbreaking and internationally recognized Amsterdam Kraakgeluiden concert series, Volsap quickly established itself as one of Holland’s most innovative organizations to track and affect change in music-making today.
Currently, Volsap organizes small-scale, informal concerts in Splendor Amsterdam and collaborates with like minded organizations in large scale projects including a 2014 tour with Club Guy and Roni. Volsap has a long history of coordinating international tours for masterclasses and concerts with Anne La Berge and her electro-aoustic duo Shackle and with Volsap co-director David Dramm.

Volsap Foundation
Archimedeslaan 45
1098 PW Amsterdam

Board of Directors

  • Jacqueline Oskamp
  • Iris Otten
  • Angelique Struik

Volsap Foundation has Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) status. For more information please click here.

Funding + Support