Songs Of Love And Decay

MuzyQ, Amsterdam 27 April 2011 20:30

Songs Of Love And Decay

Trio Scordatura is Amsterdam’s favorite microtonal and experimental band known for its collaborations with seminal figures like Phil Niblock and its mouth-watering performances of microtonal legend Harry Partch. This time they are teaming up with Anne La Berge to offer a concert of premieres and new arrangements that range from wholly sublime to downright raunchy.

Trio Scordatura

  • Alfrun Schmid – Voice
  • Elisabeth Smalt – Viola
  • Bob Gilmore – Keyboard
  • with Anne La Berge – Flute

Nicola Vicentino

Musica Prisca Caput

For voice, viola and keyboard

Anne La Berge


For flute and computer

Yannis Kyriakides

Dead Cat Live (from Escamotage)

For voice, viola and keyboard

Anne La Berge


For voice, flute/electronics, viola and keyboard

David Dramm

Into My Heart

For amplified flute and synthesizer

Christopher Fox


For violin, viola and keyboard

  • Entry €12,50
  • Students €8,-
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