Anne La Berge, Isabelle Vigier and Marcel Wierckx have spent the months of February and March building the performance/installation version of a new work called Utter.

Utter tells a story about the complexities of the mother/child relationship from the perspective of language acquisition in a performance with sound and film. The set includes 6 iPads that run a newly developed app that interacts with the laptop that steers both audio and visual material.

You can follow the making of Utter and the performance tours here.

This Volsap Foundation project is partially funded by the Creative Industries Funds NL and the Performing Arts Fund NL and supported by Splendor Amsterdam.



My Private Odyssey

The Odyssey, the classic story of the man who, after winning the Trojan War, desperately wanted to return home, still fascinates and inpires us. The image of Odysseus stands for persistence, courage and creativity. Facing his demons and paying for his sins, he finally found peace after an exhausting and horrifying journey. In his quest Odysseus crossed numberous boundaries: the boundary between physical endurance and exhaustion, fear and courage, freedom and captivity, the humann and the divine.

In My Private Odyssey, the story is used as a metaphor for the course of life of every human. In the characteristic and charismatic Guy & Roni style, ten dancers and three musicians make their own journey that brings out the best and the worst in them. It’s a story about the courage it takes to live your own life, and about realizing you can acheve more than you thought you were capable of.

The performance is a collaboration with tanzmaina and the composers David Dramm and Tomoko Mukaiyama. The music is performed live by Tomoko Mukaiyama, Monica Germino and Anne La Berge. The text is produced by Ko van den Bosch, costumes: Slavna Martinovic, light: Wil Frikken, decor: Ascon de Nijs, visuals: WERC.


Off The Cuff #1

An international team of improvising artists come together in the heat of the summer to celebrate the end of the World Cup Tournament.

featuring Zebra:
Yedo Gibson, saxophones
Ada Rave, saxophones
Anne La Berge, flutes

with special guest from Vancouver:
Lisa Cay Miller, piano

and virtuoso Amsterdam musicians:
Ig Henneman, viola
Wilbert de Joode, doublebass
Nora Mulder, piano
Jasper Stadhouders, guitars

Monday 14 July 2014
Splendor Amsterdam


Poetic Pioneers

Splendor, Amsterdam 15 June 2014 20:30

Poetic Pioneers

Anne La Berge, Splendor’s own musical pioneer premieres works of internationally renowned composers Michael Edwards and Hugo Morales. Come hear the flute played in ways you’ve never imagined with the energy and warmth that Anne brings to every performance.
Meet the composers themselves in the unique and intimate atmosphere of Splendor. Special guest is Montreal-based percussionist Diego Espinosa playing an Amsterdam premiere by Hugo Morales.

Michael Edwards

Hyperboles Are The Worst Thing Ever

Musician-tweaked algorithmic piece for flute and computer

Hugo Morales

Modes Of Mechanical Ventilation

For intubated flute and electronics


For one scrubbed metal rod
Played by Diego Espinosa

Anne La Berge

Black Veined White

For voice and Monacor 45 loudspeaker

  • Entry €12,-
  • Members €10,-
  • Students €5,-,-
Splendor Amsterdam
Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116
1011 LX Amsterdam




Orgelpark, Amsterdam 27 + 28 April 2013


WWII – op het thuisfront een gebrek aan “mankracht”. Vrouwen krijgen opeens de kans zich te bewegen op gebieden die voorheen het exclusieve domein van mannen waren en ze grijpen de kans met beiden handen aan. Zulke moedige vrouwen vormen de inspiratie voor twee gloednieuwe composities.“Nachthexen” (Huib Emmer) gaat over een groep jonge Russische vrouwelijke piloten die met hun onorthodoxe methodes en vliegtuigen veel schade toebrachten aan de Duitsers. In de VS mochten vrouwen meedoen aan een nationale honkbal competitie: de All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. “Lonely Stats” (Anne La Berge) is geïnspireerd op ene Annabelle Lefty Lee, die een “perfect game” wierp in 1944. Irina Birger licht deze historische gebeurtenissen toe aan de hand van beeld, film en tekst.
  • Entry €20,- / €15,- / €12,50
  • Studenten, 65+, stadspas en CJP €12,50 / €9,- / €8,-
Gerard Brandtstraat 26
1054 JK Amsterdam