Dramm La Berge Duo

Photo: Peter van der Heyden

David Dramm and Anne La Berge

Future Duo events can be found on Anne La Berge’s website.

The highly original power duo Dramm/La Berge has traversed the globe for more than thirty years. With two new releases this year (one with daughter Diamanda) and recent performances in the U.S. Canada and New Zealand, the duo is back in top form.

With a synthesis of the physicality of pop with the smarts of classical music, Dramm/La Berge span a wide arc between the complex patterns of minimalism and the raucous drive of post-punk” Frankfurter Rundschau

“Highly-charged rock guitar, brilliant flute and Ive’s naive-courageous mentality.”  Päevalent

“Not only on a musical level, but also personally, the two musicians sense each other perfectly. This allows them to forge apparently contradictory elements into a colorful and playful unity.”
Eindhovens Dagblad