My Private Odyssey

My Private Odyssey was a collaboration between the international dance company Club Guy and Roni, The Tomoko Mukaiyama Foundation, tanzmainz and the Volsap Foundation.

The choreography was by Guy Weizman, composition by David Dramm and Tomoko Mukaiyama. Music was performed live by Anne La Berge, Monica Germino and Tomoko Mukaiyama.

Off The Cuff

Off The Cuff are improvisation concerts presented by Anne La Berge and Volsap in Splendor Amsterdam. The first of this series was on 14 July 2014.
Off The Cuff #1

Volsap Concert Series

The VOLSAP CONCERT SERIES includes world premieres and reprises of rarely heard pieces by David Dramm, Anne La Berge, Huib Emmer and Yannis Kyriakides. VOLSAP features internationally known improvisers and some of Holland’s most loved new music players including Joost Buis, Bas Wiegers, Heleen Hulst and Gerard Bouwhuis, as well as newly commissioned 8mm films by Bas van Koolwijk and Joost van Veen. The series is committed to shaping the way music is heard and experienced in an intimate environment by featuring informal interviews and Q+As.

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