Mexico Tour

Volsap was awarded a Performing Arts Fund NL travel grant to support Anne La Berge’s tour of her recent solo concert to Morelia and Mexico City, Mexico.

Her program included works by US composer Sam Pluta, Mexico/NL composer Hugo Morales and Volsap composers David Dramm and Anne La Berge.

She gave a workshop to teenagers on improvisation, graphic scores and electronic music, played with local musicians in two improvisation concerts and performed two composed music concerts.

Photos and information about the tour can be found on Anne La Berge’s website.



Anne La Berge, Isabelle Vigier and Marcel Wierckx have spent the months of February and March building the performance/installation version of a new work called Utter.

Utter tells a story about the complexities of the mother/child relationship from the perspective of language acquisition in a performance with sound and film. The set includes 6 iPads that run a newly developed app that interacts with the laptop that steers both audio and visual material.

You can follow the making of Utter and the performance tours here.

This Volsap Foundation project is partially funded by the Creative Industries Funds NL and the Performing Arts Fund NL and supported by Splendor Amsterdam.