Cargo of Clouds

In their new video and sound installation entitled Cargo of Clouds Anne La Berge and Isabelle Vigier observe the impact of human designs on the landscape in our contemporary culture in relation to transport and data.

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Volsap Foundation received funding for this project from the Stimulerings Fonds, the Norma Fonds, the Prins Bernhard Fonds and compositional support for Anne La Berge from the Fonds Podiumkunsten. The project was completed in 2021 as a video and audio installation in collaboration with Into In Situ. The artistic and technical team for this project included a drone film artist, a dancer/choreographer, a sound designer, a video artist, a composer and text artist and an online interactive data programmer.

The premiere was in July 2021 at Splendor Amsterdam with a select audience due to Covid protocols. The work with be shown in 2023 in locations in The Netherlands.


Site V

Phil Maguire and Anne La Berge have a musical partnership that includes ongoing musical and video collaborations including concerts and releases in both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Their work has been described as experimental within the electro-acoustic musical style. They play at volume levels much softer than mainstream electronic music and the acoustic instrument in their duo is an electronically processed flute. That’s Anne. They enjoy playing for relatively small audiences where the intimacy of detailed sonic textures and slow-moving soundscapes is shared by everyone in the room.

They received a grant from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs this summer to create a new online multimedia work, Site V. Building on their signature approach to detailed drones that colour the perception of time and place, Site V offers a fresh glance on the dialogues between humans, machines and energy.

Their works are named after cities. For Site V they were inspired to find a place in the English Channel where their home cities of London and Amsterdam meet. They sniffed around and discovered the Dutch wind turbine farm Borssele Wind Farm Site V innovation site. The site has experimental goals, including floating wind turbines stationed where the water depths are too great for fixed- foundations, marking a turning point in sustainability and a project designed to test advanced technologies.

Site V weaves an emotional narrative from data, concepts of wind turbines, and personal reflections on place, wrapped in the poetics of the Borssele Site V innovation site.

Made possible by support from:
The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Volsap Foundation


La Berge illinois​ tour

Volsap was awarded a Performing Arts Fund NL travel grant to support Anne La Berge’s tour to Illinois in April 2019.

This tour included composed music concerts where she performed works by Yannis Kyriakides, Sam Pluta and herself, improvisation concerts where she performed with colleagues from Urbana, Chicago and Milwaukee; and seminars and lectures where she spoke over her work with students and professionals.


Eduard van Beinum Stichting

Diamanda Dramm received a €5000 grant for the creation of a work by the Turkish composer Onur Türkmen which included travel, collaborative work time and a composition commission fee through the Volsap Foundation from the Eduard van Beinum Stichting.

The new work, Songs from a Circle, was part of her concert tour for the Dutch Classical Talent Award in 2018 which she won!

A plaque with her name on it has been installed in the hallway of the Kleine Zaal of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.